About us

About us

Who are we?

We are a group of agencies, organizations and/or institutions interconnected by our respective health mandates that work together towards common health objectives.

What is our Purpose?

We serve as a mechanism for participating organizations to work together in partnership to harmonize efforts and use available resources efficiently within the framework of agreed objectives, priorities and strategies for the benefit of affected populations.

We exist to foster timeliness, effectiveness and predictability, and to improve accountability and health leadership in emergency response

What we do

  • Support Service Delivery
  • Inform the Humanitarian Coordinators/Humanitarian Country Team Strategic Decision making
  • Plan and Implement the health Cluster Strategy
  • Monitor and Evaluate Performance
  • Build National Capacity In preparedness and Contingency Plans
  • Support Robust Advocacy
  • Ensure Accountability to affected populations

Terms of Reference (ToR)


Funding status for Health (Humanitarian Response Plan 2017)

Total requirements: US$ 123 million

Funding to date: US$ 63.4 million (52%)
Funding pledged: US$ 6.2 million

Funding gap: US$ 53.4 million (43%)

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